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Date Jan. 10, 2023 Jan. 17, 2023 Jan. 24, 2023 Jan. 31, 2023
Topics Mitochondrial Research
Conventional and Unique Quality Control Pathway of Mitochondria

Mechanisms and role of ferroptosis in disease

Exosome / Endocytosis
Extracellular vesicle-mediated communications in disease

Cellular metabolism: unexpected roles in cells

Related Keyword EVs, Lysosome exocytosis, Mitophagy Microglia, Autophagy, Metabolism Aging, Telomeres, Diabetes TCA nucleus, Alzheimer, Mitochondria transfer
Date Feb. 7, 2023 Feb. 14, 2023 Feb. 21, 2023  

Lysosomal Function
Various Functional Pathways in Lysosomes

Diverse Functions of Senescent Cells

Autophagy / Endocytosis

New Insights into Autophagic and Endocytic Pathways

Related Keyword Anti-aging, Lysosomal exocytosis of α-synuclein, Parkinson Alzheimer, Muscle regeneration, Senolysis Nucleophagy, Endosomal lipid signaling, Circadian clock  

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Category Product Name Feature
Cell Proliferation / Cytotoxicity Assay Cell Counting Kit-8 Best Seller Simple-process cell viability assay​ using metabolism (dehydrogenase activity) as an indicator
Cytotoxicity LDH Assay Kit-WST Reliable cytotoxicity assay by released LDH activity
Cell Count Normalization Kit Normalization of cell counts by nuclear staining
Viability/Cytotoxicity Multiplex Assay Kit NEW Set of Cell Counting Kit-8 and Cytotoxicity LDH Assay Kit-WST (500 tests each)
Senescence Cellular Senescence Detection Kit – SPiDER-ßGal HOT First choice for cellular senescence assay
SPiDER-ßGal SA-β-gal assay for living cells and tissue
Cellular Senescence Plate Assay Kit – SPiDER-ßGal Cellular senescence assay with a plate reader
Ferroptosis Liperfluo HOT Intracellular lipid peroxidation measurement
MitoPeDPP Mitochondria lipid peroxidation measurement
Mito-FerroGreen Mitochondria ferrous ion (Fe2+) detection
FerroOrange HOT Intracellular ferrous ion (Fe2+) detection
ROS / Oxidative Stress GSSG/GSH Quantification Kit Quantification of reduced and oxidized glutathione
ROS Assay Kit - Highly Sensitive DCFH-DA - NEW Higher sensitivity than conventional DCFH-DA
ROS Assay Kit - Photo-oxidation Resistant DCFH- DA - NEW Reduced photo-oxidation and compatible with fixation
mtSOX Deep Red - Mitochondrial Superoxide Detection NEW Mitochondrial superoxide detection by deep red staining, co-staining with other markers
Lysosome Lysosomal Acidic pH Detection Kit NEW Lysosomal pH and mass detection dyes
pHLys Red - Lysosomal Acidic pH Detection NEW Highly sensitive lysosomal pH detection dye
LysoPrime Green / Deep Red – High Specificity and pH Resistance NEW Accurate lysosome detection with high selectivity and resistance to pH changes
Cellular Metabolism ATP Assay Kit-Luminescence Mitochondrial activity evaluation by ATP measurement
Glucose Assay Kit-WST (Colorimetric) Easy quantification of various intracellular or extracellular indicators with a plate reader
Glutamine Assay Kit-WST (Colorimetric)
Glutamate Assay Kit-WST (Colorimetric)
Glycolysis/OXPHOS Assay Kit NEW
Lactate Assay Kit-WST (Colorimetric)
α-Ketoglutarate Assay Kit-Fluorometric Easy quantification of various intracellular indicators with a plate reader
NAD/NADH Assay Kit-WST (Colorimetric)
NADP/NADPH Assay Kit-WST (Colorimetric)
Extracellular OCR Plate Assay Kit HOT NEW Oxygen Consumption Rate (OCR) detection with a fluorescent plate reader
Nutrient Uptake Glucose Uptake Assay Kit- Blue / Green / Red Highly sensitive and easy to measure each indicator with a fluorescent plate reader without RI-labeled
Amino Acid Uptake Assay Kit NEW
Cystine Uptake Assay Kit NEW
Fatty Acid Uptake Assay Kit NEW
Mitochondrial Staining MitoBright LT Green / Red / Deep Red Mitochondria imaging with long-term visualization
MitoBright IM Red for Immunostaining Mitochondria imaging with capable of co-staining with immunomarkers
mtSOX Deep Red – Mitochondrial Superoxide Detection NEW Mitochondrial superoxide detection by deep red staining, co-staining with other markers
MitoPeDPP Mitochondria lipid peroxidation measurement
Mito-FerroGreen Mitochondria ferrous ion (Fe2+) detection
Mitochondrial Membrane Potential JC-1 MitoMP Detection Kit Widely used and many papers reported
MT-1 MitoMP Detection Kit NEW More sensitive than JC-1 and fixable after staining
Mitophagy Mitophagy Detection Kit First choice for mitophagy detection
Mtphagy Dye For experienced users of the mitophagy detection kit
Lipid Droplet Lipi-Blue / Green / Red / Deep Red Accurate lipid droplet imaging using living and PFA fixed cells with low background
Lipid Droplet Assay Kit-Blue / Deep Red Accurate lipid droplet measurement with plate reader and flow cytometer
Autophagy DALGreen - Autophagy Detection HOT Selective autolysosome detection in live cells
DAPGreen - Autophagy Detection HOT Selective autophagosome detection in live cells
DAPRed - Autophagy Detection HOT
Endocytosis ECGreen-Endocytosis Detection NEW Accurate detection of endocytosis by pH changes
AcidSensor Labeling Kit – Endocytic Internalization Assay NEW Labeling pH-sensitive fluorescent dye to antibody or protein to monitor the endocytosis uptake
Exosome ExoIsolator Exosome Isolation Kit NEW Exosomes are obtained quickly without any complicated operations from supernatant
ExoIsolator Isolation Filter NEW
ExoSparkler Exosome Membrane Labeling Kit-Green / Red / Deep Red Exosome membrane – fluorescent labeling (highly precise)
Plasma Membrane PlasMem Bright Green / Red Cell membrane staining reagents with low cytotoxicity
Nuclear Staining -Cellstain- Hoechst 33342 Solution Widely used nuclear staining reagent
Transfection HilyMax Transfection reagent compatible with CRISPAR/ Cas9-Based Gene Editing

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Product Classification