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ExoIsolator Isolation Filter

Exo<i>Isolator</i> Isolation Filter

Filter for exosome isolation kit

  • Compatible Filter Holder is sold separately
  • Available in large package (10 pieces)
  • Product code
    EX11  ExoIsolator Isolation Filter
Unit size Price Item Code
10 pieces $948.00 EX11-10
Notice: It is not possible to isolate exosomes with this product alone.

Please use with ExoIsolator Exosome Isolation Kit.

10 pieces
Quantity may be adjusted within the cart.

Isolation Filter for ExoIsolator Exosome Isolation Kit

This product is a large package (10 pieces) of Isolation Filter which contents in ExoIsolator Exosome Isolation Kit (3 pieces).


Handling and storage condition

Handling and storage condition

Product Classification

Product Classification

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