Biofilm: Three different types of assay kits for different purposes

We have a variety of pin plate assay kits to measure the amount of biofilm formation or to measure the metabolic activity of bacteria in biofilm. Please select the kit that best suits your purpose.

Product Size Product Code
Biofilm Formation Assay Kit 96 tests B601
Biofilm Viability Assay Kit 96 tests B603
Biofilm Formation Assay Kit: TestPiece 24 tests B606


We offer biofilm assay kits that measure the amount of biofilm formation or the metabolic activities of live microorganisms within biofilms by using the same measurement method. You can select the one that best suits your needs.




Example of measurement

Indicators for drug-mediated inhibition of biofilm formation or antimicrobial effect of biofilms include MBIC (minimum biofilm inhibitory concentrations) and MBEC (minimum biofilm eradication concentrations). MBIC and MBEC of S. aureus were measured using B601 and B603, respectively.

Using B606, we were able to quantify the amount of biofilm that Staphylococcus aureus had formed on test pieces made of various materials (polystyrene [PS], polypropylene [PP], fiber-reinforced plastic [FRP], stainless steel [SUS], float glass [GL], and silicon rubber [SLC]).


Related Product Information

Product Size Product Code
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-Bacstain- AO solution 100 assays BS05
-Bacstain- PI solution 100 assays BS07
-Bacstain- Bacterial Viability Detection Kit - DAPI/PI 1 set BS08
-Bacstain- Bacterial Viability Detection Kit - CTC/DAPI 1 set BS09
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-Bacstain- CTC Rapid Staining Kit (for Flow cytometry) 100 assays BS01
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Product Classification

Product Classification