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Glucose Assay Kit-WST

Glucose Assay Kit-WST

Glucose Metabolism Assay

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    G264  Glucose Assay Kit-WST
Unit size Price Item Code
50 tests G264-05
200 tests G264-20
50 tests ・Dye Mixture
・Glucose Standard
・Assay Buffer
・Reconstitution Buffer
150 μl×1
3.5 ml×1
350 μl×1
200 tests ・Dye Mixture
・Glucose Standard
・Assay Buffer
・Reconstitution Buffer
600 μl×1
14 ml×1
1.4 ml×1



This kit can detect glucose found within cell culture medium or intracellular glucose by measuring the absorbance of the colored WST formazan dye. The degree of absorbance depends on the amount of glucose present within the sample.This kit contains a glucose standard solution that can be used to create a standard curve. This allows for the quantitation of glucose levels present in the sample.


Glucose Assay Kit-WST How to use (JP sub)

Technical info


Procedures are so easy that you simply incubate the plate after the addition of culture supernatant or tissue/cell lysates prior to adding a reagent.

Supplementary information on technology and products used

Preparation of Standard Curve

Glucose levels in a sample can be measured by a calibration curve established with Glucose Standards included in this kit. If the glucose levels are greater than or equal to 0.5 mmol/L, the sample must be diluted before measurement.

Supplementary information on technology and products used



Measurement of Glucose level in combination with Lactate Assay Kit

By using Glucose Assay Kit-WST and Lactate Assay Kit-WST, we have successfully measured metabolic activity changes of phloretin, a protein transport inhibitor, when it is added to Jurkat cells.

Precautions when using this kit.

Cell counts may need to be normalized. When cells are analyzed in a microplate, the results obtained may sometimes differ depending on cell numbers per well.In such cases, normalization of the measured values obtained from cell counting and total protein will be necessary.In this kit, cell numbers can be easily measured by the fluorescence intensity induced by a reagent added to cell culture medium for staining nuclei.

Application Data: Alteration of intracellular metabolism of HeLa cells by treatment with fatty acid transporter inhibitors

Fatty acids are important for membrane synthesis and are essential for cell proliferation.  HeLa cells were treated with a fatty acid transporter inhibitor, and then the cell proliferation and intracellular metabolism (glucose consumption, Lactate release, and NAD/NADH ratio) were tested.
The results showed a decrease in cell proliferation, an increase in glucose consumption and Lactate release, and a decrease in the intracellular NAD+/NADH ratio, indicating a shift in the metabolic pathway to glycolysis.

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Q & A


I do not have a 450 nm filter. What other filters can I use?


You can use filters with an absorbance between 450 nm and 490 nm. However, the absorbance value can become lower if the sample is not measured at 450 nm.


Can I quantify L-Glucose levels?


No, the kit is used for the quantification of β-D-Glucose levels.


How many samples can I measure?


* The number of samples that can be recorded when the standard curve and sample is measured in triplicates.

*A plate layout for Glucose standard solution and sample

Handling and storage condition

Handling and storage condition
0-5°C, Protect from light, Protect from moisture

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Product Classification

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