About Us

About Dojindo Laboratories


At our headquarters in Japan, Dojindo Laboratories, we have been producing well-reputed chemical reagents used by research organizations all over the world. Dojindo EU GmbH was founded in December 2011 in Munich, Germany to provide you with all DOJINDO products directly from Central Europe.

Dojindo International strives to expand its ability to analyze the future direction of science by maintaining ongoing interest in new research activities as well as improving its information-gathering network.



Dojindo is bringing many decades of experiences to the table to better address the challenges our customers are likely to face. We can supply you with the following product portfolio;

  • Reagents/Kits for Life Science Research
  • Reagents for Analytical Chemistry
  • Chromogenic dyes for Diagnostic Research
  • Chemicals for Material Science

Dojindo will also be happy to offer any customized products by using our very skilled organic syntheses technologies to produce new reagents or materials for your specific purposes.


Our Vision is

…to fulfill the needs of our customers by supplying the DOJINDO products at their highest possible quality and performance. We have been building and advancing our customer trust over the years and will continue to focus on this key objective. Our work targets at both retaining excellent business relations with all our partners and ensuring an innovative working atmosphere and satisfaction for our employees.

Product Classification

Product Classification