ROS Research

1. ROS Assay Kit - Photo-oxidation Resistant DCFH-DA

 Resistant to Photo-oxidation 
Has photooxidation ever interfered with your experiments?

Unstimulated HeLa cells were stained with regular DCFH-DA or Photo-oxidation Resistant DCFH-DA and observed with excitation light every 5 minutes for fluorescence imaging.

 Compatible wh Immunostaining 

Co-staining with anti-protein immunostain

After adding hydrogen peroxide, HeLa cells were stained with Photo-oxidation resistant DCFH-DA and mitochondrial marker Tom 20. As a result, the intracellular ROS level and mitochondrial morphology were clearly observed at the same time, which is very difficult for the existing ROS probe.

2. ROS Assay Kit - Highly Sensitive DCFH-DA

 Super High-Sensitive ROS Detection 

Comparison of Sensitivity: Microscope

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)-treated HeLa cells (1×104 cells/ml) were stained with DCFH-DA or the ROS Assay Kit-Highly Sensitive DCFH-DA, and the detectability of intracellular ROS was compared between two detection kits.  Results indicated that the ROS Assay Kit-Highly Sensitive DCFH-DA was better at high-sensitivity detection of intracellular ROS than regular DCFH-DA in high-sensitivity detection of intracellular ROS was better than DCFH-DA.

Ex: 450-490 nm, Em: 500-550 nm (GFP filter), Scale bar: 50 μm

4. Application Data

Simultaneously evaluation of mitochondrial superoxide and intracellular total ROS

HeLa cells were washed with HBSS and co-stained with mtSOX Deep Red - Mitochondrial Superoxide Detection and ROS Assay Kit -Highly Sensitive DCFH-DA- (Total ROS detection), and separately treated with mitochondrial superoxide inducer Antimycin or hydrogen peroxide. As a result, intracellular total ROS and mitochondrial superoxide were observed separately.

General Protocol

Treated with H2O2

Treated with Antimycin

<Imaging Conditions>(Confocal microscopy)
Intracellular ROS: Ex = 488, Em = 490-520 nm
mtSOX: Ex = 633 nm, Em = 640-700 nm
Scale bar: 10 μm


Product Classification

Product Classification