Chemical Name: Dithiobis(succinimidylpropionate)
CAS: 57757-57-0

Appearance: White to almost white powder
Purity: ≥95.0% (HPLC)
404.42, C14H16N2O8S2

Storage Condition: 0-5ºC
Shipping Condition: ambient temperature

Product Description:

DSP is a cross-linking reagent reacting the amino groups with each other. Since DSP has at both ends ofthe molecule N-hydroxysuccinimide active ester to react selectively with the amino group, it can be conjugated a carrier protein to simple hapten or preparation labeled enzyme. BS3 takes achemical structure having analkyl chain to the linker moiety. Meanwhile, DTSSP and DSP is capable of cleavage of the disulfide-introduced linker site that is easily reduced by the reducing agent. Further, since the active ester group having a sulfonic acid group is introduced to DTSSP and BS3, it may be carried out labeling reaction without using an organic solvent such as DMSO or DMF.

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Homo-bifunctional Reagents
Product Name Code Length (Å) Solvent
DSP D629 8.5 DMSO, DMF
SPDP S291 4.1 Acetonitrile

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