Application: Fe, Al, Ti detection, colorimetric

ChemicalName: 1,2-Dihydroxy-3,5-benzenedisulfonic acid, disodium salt, monohydrate
CAS: 149-45-1 (as an anhydride)

White crystal or powder
Purity: ≥98.0% (Titration)
Absorbance (Ti complex): ≥0.280 (around 380 nm)
Sensitivity: pass test
332.22, C6H4Na2O8S2, H2O

Storage Condition: ambient temperature, protect from metal
Shipping Condition:
ambient temperature

Product Description
Tiron is used as a metal indictor of Fe, and as a colorimetric reagent of Fe, Al, Ti, and other metal ions. Tiron is readily soluble in water as a colorless solution. The pKa2 is reported to be 12.6 (μ=0.1, 20ºC). Tiron forms colored chelates with Fe, Ti, and other metal ions. The color of the Fe complex is blue at pH 1-4 (1:1, logK=20.4), purple at pH 5-7 (1:2, logK=15.1), and red at pH 7 or over (1:3, logK=10.8).

Product Description

Chelate titration: Fe
Colorimetry: Al, B, Co, Cu, Fe, Ga, Mo, Nb, Os, Sr, Ti, UO2(II), V
Fluorometry: rare earth metals
Masking reagent: Al, Cr, Fe, Ti

1. G. F. Atkinson, et al., Oxidation of the Analytical Reagent Tiron (Disodium-4,5-Dihydroxybenzene-1,3-Disulphonate). Can J Chem. 1957;35:477-487.
2. L. J. Clark, Titanium Determination with Disodium-1,2-Dihydroxybenzene-3,5-Disulfonate (Tiron) in Oxalic Acid Solution. Anal Chem. 1970;42:694-698.

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