Chemical Name: 4,7-Diphenyl-1,10-phenanthroline
CAS: 1662-01-7

Appearance: White or pale yellow powder
Molar absorptivity (Fe complex): ≥21,000 (around 535 nm)
Absorbance (Fe complex): ≥0.600 (around 535 nm)

MW: 332.40, C24H16N2

Storage Condition : ambient temperature
Shipping Condition : ambient temperature

Product Description
Bathophenanthroline is a highly selective colorimetric reagent for Fe(II) detection. Bathophenanthroline is soluble in organic  solvents and slightly soluble in acidic aqueous solutions, but insoluble in neutral or alkaline solutions. It chelates with Fe(II) at pH 2-9, and the red color complex can be extracted with iso-amylalcohol (logβ3=21.8, λmax=533 nm,ε=22,400). The detection range of Fe(II) by Bathophenanthroline is 10 ppb to 4 ppm. The pKa2 of Bathophenanthroline is reported to be 4.30 in a 50% dioxane solution (m=0.3) at 25ºC, and the redox potential of FeL3 2+-FeL3 3+ in the 1 M H2SO4 solution is 1.24 V. Cu(I) and Ru(II) can also be detected using Bathophenanthroline. The maximum wavelength of the Cu(I) and Ru(II) complexes are 457 nm and 460 nm, respectively.

Chemical Structure

1. G. F. Smith, et al., The Colorimetric Determination of Iron in Raw and Treated Municipal Water Supplies by Use of 4,7-Diphenyl-1,10-phenanthroline. Analyst. 1952;77:418-422.
2. F. R. Short, et al., Spectrophotometric Determination of Parts-per-billion Iron in High-temperature Hydrocarbon Jet Fuels. Anal Chem. 1967;39:251-253
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