Application: Carboxylic acid derivatization for HPLC analysis
Chemical Name: 4-Bromomethyl-7-methoxycoumarin
CAS: 35231-44-8

Pale yellow or light yellow crystalline powder
Molar absorptivity: ≥11,000 (around 332 nm)
269.09, C11H9BrO3

Storage Condition: ambient temperature
Shipping Condition: ambient temperature

Derivatization Reaction

Product Description
Br-Mmc, a coumarin derivative, is a blue fluorescent labeling reagent for carboxylates. This reagent is used for the determination of trace fatty acids in medicines or agricultural chemicals by TLC or HPLC. Potassium carbon is necessary for the labeling. The reaction is completed within 40 to 60 min in acetone reflux. Br-Mmc does not react with pyruvic acid, trichloroacetic acid, fumaric, acid or acetylenedicarboxylic acid. The excitation and emission wavelength of labeled materials are 360 nm and 410 nm, respectively.

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