Application: SAM preparation, dilution of functional alkanethiols

Chemical Name: 11-Mercaptoundecanol hexaethyleneglycol ether
CAS: 130727-41-2

Coloress or slightly yellow liquid
Purity: ≥90.0% (GC)
336.53, C17H36O4S

Storage Condition: -20oC, protect from metal
Shipping Condition: ambient temperature

Chemical Formula

Product Description
Polyethyleneglycols (PEGs) are widely used for material modifications to improve hydrophilicity of the surface. PEG-coated materials are usually more stable under physiological conditions. Since Hydroxy-EGn-undecanethiol has 3 or 6 ethylene glycol units, 11 carbon atoms, and an SH group at the end, it can be used to prepare a highly oriented and hydrophilic SAM on a gold surface which is suitable for biomaterial-labelings on the surface. This is due to the improvement of hydrophilicity. The hydrophilic surface can prevent proteins or other biomaterials from non-specific binding. Therefore, the SAM prepared by this reagent will provide a better surface to develop biomaterial sensors or DNA/ protein microarrays. Hydroxy-EGn-undecanethiols (n=3, 6) are used to dilute Carboxyl -SAM or Amino-SAM according to the density of the molecules be introduced onto the surface. There are several papers available on labeling proteins such as ovalbumin, and cytochrome C.

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