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BMPO BMPO, 5-tert-Butoxycarbonyl-5-methyl-1-pyrroline-N-oxide

    Chemical Name: 5-tert-Butoxycarbonyl-5-methyl-1-pyrroline-N-oxide  Appearance: White to slightly yellowish white crystal or crystalline powderPurity: ≥99.0%MW: 199.25, C10H17NO3Storage condition: -20°C, protect from moisture Shipping condition: ambient temperatureChemical StructureProduct Description Spin trapping analysis is one of the most reliable techniques for detecting and identifying short-lived free radicals. The EPR (ESR) spin trap reagent detects both superoxide and...

    DMPO DMPO5, 5-Dimethyl-1-Pyrroline-N-Oxide3317-61-1

      Chemical Description: 5,5-Dimethyl-1-Pyrroline-N-OxideCAS: 3317-61-1Appearance: Colorless liquidPurity: ≥99.0%(GC)MW: 113.16, C6H11NODensity: 1.015g/mL at 25 °CStorage Condition: -20oC, protect from light and moisture Shipping Condition: Blue Ice Product Description Because of potential cancer risks and their age-promoting effects, free radicals in living bodies have become a frequently studied subject. DMPO is the most frequently used spin-trapping reagent for the study of free radicals. It...