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    T037  TFPB
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  • Chemical name
    Tetrakis[3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]borate, sodium salt
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Tetraphenylborate is unstable in acidic conditions because protons attack the ipso-carbon of the phenyl group and benzene is released. However, the electron density of the ipso-carbon of TFPB is low due to a trifluoromethyl group. Thus TFPB is stable in acidic conditions (such as 50 mM sulfuric acid solution). TFPB is used in Friedel-Craft alkylation or diazo coupling reactions as a phase transfer reagent. It is also used for ion selective electrodes. TFPB is known as Kobayashi’s reagent.


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Handling and storage condition

Appearance: White crystalline powder
Purity (Absorbance): ≧ 99.0 % (as anhydrous)
Solubility in diethyl ether: To pass test (clear, colorless)
Water content: 4.5~5.5%
IR spectrum: Authentic
Handling and storage condition
Ambient temperature

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Product Classification

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