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    SB13  -SulfoBiotics- Sodium Polysulfide Set
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1 set $152.00 SB13-10
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Sodium disulfide (Na2S2) 100 mg x1  
Sodium trisulfide (Na2S3) 100 mg x1  
Sodium tetrasulfide (Na2S4) 100 mg x1  
1 set
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Product Description

It becomes obvious that there are a lot of molecules containing sulfane sulfurs such as persulfides and polysulfides in living organism. These molecular species are involved in production, storage, and release of hydrogen sulfide, which is recognized as an important physiological mediator. Furthermore, recent studies reveal that persulfides and polysulfides may control intracellular signal transduction through s-sulfhydration of proteins, and function in vivo as anti-oxidants which have much higher reducing activity than glutathione in reduced form or cysteine.
Sodium polysulfides (Na2Sn) are sulfane sulfur donors which have simple structures, and exist as hydrogen polysulfides in an aqueous solution depending on pH. These reagents are necessary to for research and analysis of sulfane sulfurs in vivo.

Developer Dojindo Molecular Technologies, Inc.



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Handling and storage condition

Sodium disulfide (Na2S2): 試験適合
Sodium trisulfide (Na2S3): 試験適合
Sodium tetrasulfide (Na2S4): 試験適合
Handling and storage condition
0-5°C, Protect from light, Protect from moisture
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Product Classification

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