15 Chromogen/Metal Indicator


Metal Indicator

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    C016  Cu-PAN
  • Chemical name
    Composite preparation of Cu-EDTA and PAN(Ratio 11.1:1)
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Product Description

Cu-PAN, a mixture of Cu-EDTA and pyridylazo-naphthol PAN, is a very popular metal indicator for chelatometry. Usually, 20-50% aqueous dioxane (or isopropyl alcohol) or 50-70% aqueous methanol (or ethanol) is used as a solvent (1 g Cu-PAN per 100 ml solvent). The solution should be heated during the chelating titration.

Technical info

Chelate titration (acidic condition): Al, C, Co, Fe(III), Ga, Hg, In, Ni, V, Zn, rare earth metal ions
Chelate titration (alkaline condition): Ca, Cu, Mg, Mn(II)


Open References

1) H. Flaschka and H. Abdine, "EDTA Titrations Using Copper-PAN Complex as Indicator", Chem. Anal.1956, 45, 58

Handling and storage condition

Appearance: Grayish red brown to yellowish brown powder
Solubility in Dioxane: To pass test (clear, yellowish brown to deep yellowish brown)
Absorbance: ≧ 0.500 (around 470 nm)
Sensitivity: To pass test
Handling and storage condition
Ambient temperature

Product Classification

Product Classification

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