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Application: Cs+ detection, precipitation titration

ChemicalName: Tetrakis(4-fluorophenyl)borate, sodium salt, dihydrate
CAS: 25776-12-9

Appearance: White powder
Purity: ≥98.0% (Grav.)
MW: 450.21, C24H16BF4Na, 2H2O

Storage Condition: 0-5ºC
Shipping Condition: ambient temperature


Product Description
Cesibor is a cesium ion selective tetraphenylborate compound, and is utilized as a precipitation reagent for cesium ion. Cesibor can precipitate only cesium ion from a mixture of ammonium, potassium, and cesium ions.

Chemical Structure

1. C. E. Moore, et al., Studies in the Tetraarylborates Part II. The Preparation and Reagent Properties of Sodium tetrakis(p-fluorophenyl)borate, a Selective Reagent for Cesium. Anal Chim Acta. 1966;35:1-5.
2. M. Tsubouchi, et al., Two-Phase Titration of Poly(oxyethylene) Nonionic Surfactantswith Tetrakis(4-fluorophenyl)borate. Anal Chem. 1985;57:783-784.

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