Amine Coupling Kit


– Immobilization of protein/peptides onto SAMs with terminal carboxylic acid
– Including all necessary reagents for activation, immobilization, and blocking
– Sufficient for 40 immobilizations
Application: Immobilization of protein and/or peptide to carboxylic acid groups

WSC: 4 tubes Reaction buffer: 10 ml x 1
NHS: 4 tubes Blocking Solution: 20 ml x 1
Activation buffer: 20 ml x 1

Storage Condition: 0-5ºC
Shipping Condition: Ambient temperature


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Product Description
Amine and carboxylic acid coupling is one of the most common methods to immobilize a protein or a peptide through a covalent bound onto biosensor surface. Dojindo’s Amine Coupling Kit contains all the reagents and buffers necessary reagents and buffers for activation of carboxylic acid, protein immobilization, and blocking. Blocking solution included in the kit minimizes non-specific protein absorption to the surface by capping residual activated esters. Each kit is adequate for approximately 40 immobilizations.

Fig.1 A biosensor prepared by Amine Coupling Kit

Kit contents:
Unite: 2 ml x 4
WSC 4 tubes
NHS 4 tubes
Activation buffer 20 ml x 1
Reaction buffer 10 ml x 1
Blocking solution 20 ml x 1

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