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Lipid Droplet Research

∼ Feature ∼

  • High selectivity to lipid droplet (low background)
  • 3 color available (blue, green and red)
  • High intracellular retentivity
  • Applicable to both live and fixed cell


Product Description

Lipid droplets (LDs) are composed of neutral lipids such as triacylglycerol & cholesteryl ester that are surrounded by phospholipid monolayers and are seen ubiquitously, not only in adipocytes1). Although LDs were simply thought to serve as a lipid storage unit, a recent study has stated that LDs play an important role in regulating lipid metabolism, autophagy2) and cellular senescence3). Lipi probes are small molecule which emit strong fluorescence in hydrophobic environment such as in LDs. LDs can be observed without any washing steps after staining with Lipi probes.

1) T. Fujimoto et al., “Lipid droplets: a classic organelle with new outfits.” Histochem Cell Biol., 2008, 130(2), 263.
2) R. Singh et al., “Autophagy regulates lipid metabolism.” Nature, 2009, 458(7242), 1131.

Oleic acid treated HeLa cells with Lipi Product Series

<Staining Condition>
A medium that contained oleic acid (200 μmol/l) was added and incubated overnight. Then, the supernatant was removed and the cells were washed with PBS. Each Lipi product series (1 μmol/l) was added and the cells were incubated for 15 minutes.

<Detection Condition>
Lipi-Blue: Ex. 405 nm / Em. 450 - 500 nm
Lipi-Green: Ex. 488 nm / Em. 500 - 550 nm
Lipi-Red: Ex. 561 nm / Em. 565 - 650 nm

Reagent Comparison

*Leaks in GFP filter

High Correlation with Antibody Detection Method

After fixing HepG2 with 4% PFA, cells are stained with 100nmol/l Lipi-Blue. Then, Adipophilin (ADFP) expressed on lipid-droplet membrane was labeled with anti-ADFP antibody

Scale Bar: 20 μm
<Detection Condition>
Lipi-Blue: Ex. 405 nm / Em. 450 - 500 nm
Anti-ADFP antibody (Alexa Fluor® 647): Ex. 640 nm / Em. 650 - 700 nm

High Selectivity toward Lipid Droplet

Live HeLa cells were treated with Oleic acid and were stained with 100 nmol/l Lipi-Blue and 100 nmol/l Nile Red. Nile red had high background due to the limit in selectivity toward lipid droplets.

<Detection Condition>
Lipi-Blue: Ex. 405 nm / Em. 450 - 500 nm
Nile Red: Ex. 561 nm / Em. 565 - 650 nm

High Intracellular Retentivity

Live HepG2 cells were stained with each of the Lipi products, Nile Red, and Reagent B.

Scale Bar: 20 μm

Lipi-Blue and Lipi-Green had higher retention in cells after 24 hours post staining than Lipi-Red, Nile Red, and Reagent B.

Recommended Filter: Wavelength for Excitation and Emission

Storage Condition: ambient temperature, protect from light
Shipping Condition: ambient temperature

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