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24-well plate

24-well plate

24-well plate for Biofilm TestPiece Assay Kit

  • 24-well Plate compatible with TestPiece Holder
  • Available in small quantities (8 plates)
  • Product code
    B608  24-well plate
Unit size --
8 plates Please inquire distributors about price.

This product is the same plate as Falcon® 24-well Clear Flat Bottom TC-treated Multiwell Cell Culture Plate, with Lid, Sterile, 50/Case (Product Number 353047).

Falcon® is a registered trademark of Corning Incorporated, Life Sciences.


The 24-well Plate package* contains 8 plates that are compatible with the TestPiece Holder attached to the Biofilm TestPiece Assay Kit (code: B606).

This 24-well Plate package is sold in limited quantities: You can order 1 set of B608 when you order 1 set of Biofilm TestPiece Assay Kit (code: B606).


*The 24-well plate is not sold individually.


Handling and storage condition

Handling and storage condition

Product Classification

Product Classification

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