-Bacstain- Series

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The Bacstain series can be used for microorganism staining as indicated in Fig. 1. CFDA is used for staining of viable microorganisms. CFDA is bacterial cell wall and cell membrane permeable, and remains in the cell after being hydrolized by esterase. Other Bacstain reagents are used for nucleotide staining and are cell wall permeable, except for PI. Therefore, using one of these nucleotide staining reagents and CFDA or Bacstain-CTC Rapid Staining Kit, it is possible to stain both cells with intact membranes and cells with damaged membranes simultaneously. Since PI can stain only membrane-damaged cells, it does not stain membrane-intact cells. PI is also used for double staining coupled with CFDA.


Bacterial Proliferation Assay Kit
Code Product name Unit size
B601 Biofilm Formation Assay
Biofilm Formation Assay Kit
96 tests
B603 Biofilm Viability Assay
Biofilm Viability Assay Kit
96 tests
B606 Biofilm Formation Assay Kit: TestPiece
Biofilm TestPiece Assay Kit
24 tests
B608 24-well plate for Biofilm TestPiece Assay Kit
24-well plate
8 plates
M439 Microbial Viability Assay
Microbial Viability Assay Kit-WST
100 tests
500 tests
Bacteria Staining
Bacterial Fluorescent Staining
Code Product name Unit size
BS03 Bacterial Staining
-Bacstain- CFDA solution
100 assays
BS04 Bacterial Staining
-Bacstain- DAPI solution
100 assays
BS05 Bacterial Staining
-Bacstain- AO solution
100 assays
BS07 Bacterial Staining
-Bacstain- PI solution
100 assays

Product Classification

Product Classification